Challenger - Machines that thrive in the hardest environments.
Not Your Typical Tractor Brand

Challenger machines are built to tackle the most demanding environments on earth. It’s a brand position we helped create and help them live out every day. Along with a bold advertising campaign, we deliver compelling branded content that keeps farmers wanting more.

Real Farmers. Real Stories.

It takes more than advertising alone to build a brand. We created The Edge of Farming – a web-based series of branded content that is now in its third year of production. We’ve shot and produced over 20 episodes across six states – giving farmers everywhere a look at how to survive and thrive in the toughest conditions.

Any Field. Any Time. Anyone?

We created the Challenger Face-Off to allow real farmers to test our machines side-by-side against our biggest rivals. The four-day event, judged by the farmers, was shot on location and featured on It not only gave Challenger a wheel up, but tripled brand awareness and consideration in five key advertising markets.


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